Urban Design Architects in Australia

The urban design architects is one of the topics in the 2nd Conference of Urban Planning and Architectural Design for Sustainable Development will take place in Italy. Considering the success of the 1st urban design, which held in Lecce Italy in 2015, this second UPADSD hoped to get more, or at least the same, enthusiasm from the participants. This second conference goal is to bring altogether the knowledge of scientists, architects, urban planners, as well as stakeholders from every country in the world to discuss the most recent scientific press forward in the field.

The reason of holding this conference started from the fact that planners, architects, policy makers, environmentalists, engineers, as well as economist have the same important responsibility to work together. This work is to achieve every human being’s need for the future life.

Nowadays, the most common problem faced by every area all over the world is problems related to the planning as well as development, which then affect the rural as well as urban areas. The fat acceleration of urbanization in many big cities caused a many big effects to the environment. One of them is the loss of life quality. Indirectly, it also affects rural areas like forests, coastal areas, or even mountain regions. Therefore, taking interaction between different regions is needed. Hence, the method to monitor, plan then implement can develop well.

Move to another part of the world, there will also be another International Urban Design Conference. It is the tenth and planned to hold in Surfers Paradise Marriot Resort & Spa located in Gold Coast, Queensland. The planned date is from Monday 13 until Tuesday 14 November 2017. This conference already done annually started from 2007. At this first time, it held in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide also Melbourne. Attracting many participants, this event keep continue to hold.

At this tenth conference, it takes Disruption, Divergence and Designed Intervention as its theme. The goal of this conference is to highlight the range from the new Eco city regarding its technology experimentation as well as multicultural cities. This conference also focused its attention on the link, which create the physicality of built environment, complex social, economic, cultural, as well as political processes. All of them looked from the point where physical urban form produced and consumed. Certainly, this conference will be a well opportunity for any design professionals to share their ideas as well as experiences.


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