Tips to Choose the Best Parakeets’ Cage to Make Them Grow Healthily and Happily

One of the most important Parakeet Bird cage Information you need is how to choose the best cage. Parakeet bird pets always need the right environment; it is the cage that let them live and grow healthily and happily every day. Find the best tips below.

Choose the Right Cage Size

Before you have parakeet pet, you should choose the right cage, especially the size. Make sure the cage is spacious enough to put the things needed by the bird including the foo bowls, toys and perches. The perch should be far enough from the food bowls so that it will not be contaminated by the droppings. The perch position should be arranged well so that you can access the bird easily. Don’t place too many perches because it will only make the bird’s poops spread and difficult to clean up.


Consider about the Toys

You also should consider the amounts of the toys and the space you need to make the parakeets can play happily. Make sure you have the space for every toy so it will not be above the food bowls or piling up each other. It will prevent the equipment get the bird’s droppings and it will not cause disease to the birds. Try to place the equipment in the right position so they will not get the parakeet’s droppings. It means you should place everything in balance position. Investigate about it well before you place the equipment into the cage.

Determine the Numbers of Parakeets in One Cage

The numbers of parakeets that you need to have as pet should determine the size of the cage you need. Parakeets are the active bird that love flying, hopping from one perch to another, and climbing. If you have too many populations inside the cage, the cage can be dirty very easily and cause problems eve more. So make sure the cage can become the place for the birds to do every movement they like without touching each other or the cage’ sides. In one standard cage, you should place maximally two parakeets.


The Cage’s Doors

A parakeets’ cage normally has three doors; each of them is for food, water, and the entrance. Make sure the doors are easy to open and close as well as fit to your hands at least a half of an arm’s length. A cage with the three doors is important design that will decrease stress in the birds when you need to add some food and water. Besides, you also need to put a tray under the grill. It will be useful to collect the droppings and spilled foods from the bowls. Choose a tray that can be easily slide out so that you can bring them out for cleaning. Don’t choose wood shavings or cob beddings trays, because it is more susceptible to bacteria and unhealthy for the birds if you don’t clean it regularly.

Those are the parakeet bird cage information that can be considered to prepare the right cage for your new parakeets so that they can live and grow healthily and happily.


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