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Have you ever heard of service for email verification? Well today, we will be discussing about the email verification service and how it will make your life better. This service may sound not really significant yet the truth is the opposite. It refers to a process to make sure that the emails on your contacts are already tied to inbox. Here is the clear explanation. Verifying email makes sure that every email or message you send will go somewhere because the receiver email is all valid and not misspelled. You certainly have experienced yourself how sometimes your email is lost because of invalid email address you type when sending the email.

Protect Email from Account Suspension

With this service, your email will be fully verified and prevented from any unfortunate events of consequences due to unverified list of email. At the same time, this service also makes sure to have your email protected from account suspension. The suspension is often caused by unmanaged or stale list. And since the email security services, spam monitors and internet service providers set the thresholds for undelivered messages, spam complaints and unsubscribes, the event of stale list will lead to account suspension. So, when the number of undelivered message is reduced, the possibility for suspension is also much reduced.

Email Verification Process

What the service does is to filter all the low quality emails from your list of contacts. The service makes sure that you and other users can only send email to valid address of real users. And, it also protects your reputation, saves your money and boost your email campaign is case you are working in the digital marketing business.

The email verification process doesn’t take too long to complete. It starts with verification of email addresses in the list of contact through several validation process including the user account existence validation, SMTP testing and RFC syntax inspection. Then, through the help of accurate Syntax Engine, the invalid email formats are detected and only the good ones can go through the filter. Later, the process continues with Email Deduplication which refers to a process of identifying and merging the duplicate records to ensure the data quality improvement. It is then followed with Systematic Spam Trap Control to remove any complainers and spamtraps through various control processes.

The next stage within the process is domain validation which means all email addresses that contained parked/inactive/invalid domains are all removed. As a result, the Quality Domain Database will be resulted that only the most accurate email domain can remain in the list of contacts. To complete the process, the Active Mail Check is activated in daily basis to help verifying whether the mailbox of email will deliver or bounce back. All these stages of process will definitely give users better experience in using email for personal and business use.

As for the price, the service provider offers a range or service cost starts from the basic to the more complete service. Don’t worry, it is so affordable yet the benefits are numerous.


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