Praia, Cool Destination for Vacation

Praia is the biggest as well as the capital city of Cape Verde, a republic located in the chain of islands of Northern Atlantic Ocean. Historically, the islands were uninhabited before being invented and the colonial of Portuguese in 15th century. The islands became the center of market for African slaves. Therefore, the citizens of Cape Verde are the descendants of those two groups. Although history of Cape Verde was an irony, the city of Praia incarnates into a very beautiful tourism object to visit. More than just it serves you scenic landscape, this city is also known also as the commercial center for the ships of coffee, sugar cane, and many kinds of tropical fruits. As it is located in the area of islands, the fishing industry becomes one of the main financial sources of this country despite the tourism sector.

It is really reasonable then if this city must be a place to visit in your holiday. Geographically, it is closer to Africa indeed. However, its nuance and situation is just like when you are around South America. Related to the tourism object, what are the places to visit in this country? Talking about Praia, it seems impossible without discussing the beaches around. There are Praia de Santa Maria, Ilha do Sal, Santiago, Tarrafal, Boa Vista, Sao Vicente, Sal Rei, and many others. Each beach has its own uniqueness. But still, all of them offer you scenery that is really wonderful and it may not f=be found in other places. Beaches, although they become the highlights in term of Praia tourism destination, you can also try the others. You can also enjoy shopping in the traditional markets spreading around. Sure, buying some of the crops is allowed also like the tropical fruits.

Since tourism becomes one of the main financial sources of Cape Verde, the establishing of accommodation is developed as well. You can choose and enjoy the hotels or resorts to spend the nights. It depends on your tastes and necessities whether you prefer the starred hotels with luxurious facilities or the simple ones to lessen your budgets. For the transportation, it is not a big deal also. Yes, moving from one place to another is really easy in this country. More than that, Praia is located in a small island so that you will not take too much time to go from one place to another. So, are you fascinated to enjoy Praia?


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