Facebook had introduced the new features all of the time and slowly released for the users. It is also difficult to compete with all of the changes or know what’s the new and useful as the big social network in the world. So, we need to review all of the good news from facebook currently and do not miss any singles behind.

Of course, nowadays Facebook do not just Facebook. This is has the application ecosystem in around it then the Facebook Messenger service stronger enough to take over the Google Hangouts and other instant messaging. This is because Facebook start wider their original service in year of 2016. The several changes in the year 2016 become the new innovation as well. Facebook also lend the best aspect from the other popular services and integrate them in your Facebook as the hub center.


For the communication need, the ways that you can get is wider and increasing the aspect of complexity. So, we move to know further what the new features from Facebook.

Share your location on Facebook Messenger.

This is becomes the newest innovation from Facebook in 2017 and getting more attention as well. The next feature for the Facebook Messenger is allowing you to share the locations in your contact friends. This feature can be activated for any individual in every messenger contacts. This is also allowing you to tell your friend where your exact location during (only example) in emergency conditions. After the request had been made, your location will be mapped and send it automatically in your contact as the reply. You also can set your auto respond in the defined time.

Customize what you want to see in the News Feed

The Facebook Newsfeed will be more satisfy than before; you may often get the trivial updates from several acquaintances that make you missing the important post from your closer relatives. To prevent this problem, Facebook finally introduce the News Feed Preferences to get your priority then considering what you want to see in your news feed. With the new preference, you can:

- Get your prioritized friend, so the important persons will occur first. You only need tap the star for your favorite. Facebook will ensure their positions occur first than the other.
- You can unfollow acquaintances in a bulk, so you still able to come up without seeing their posts inside your timeline. This is the best way to clean up your news feed.
- Connecting with the peoples with you had unfollow.
- Following the pages and brands in bulk as well.


Get the Facebook Live Video for All

The users from this application are still lower. Facebook live video gives the chance to become the go to love streaming applications. There is no additional application to use this feature. The Live Video content had provided in the normal from “ Update Status” in mobile app.


This features hopefully able getting wider that can compete with other platforms. As we know that many platforms provide the same feature of live video. So, it should keep watch for the next coming months.

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