Lose Weight With The Yogalates Workout

Yogalates is a relatively new exercise routine that is rising in popularity every day. Some may do it because it is the new thing to do. Others may do it because it captures their interest, or because they find it relaxing. There are few who do it because they fully understand the immense benefits that Yogalates holds for their health. But more people need to learn of these benefits, so that they too can feel encouraged to practice this routine. Check out http://www.yogaburnreviews.com/yogalates-exercises/ for more details.

What is Yogalates?
Yogalates, also referred to as Yogilates, is a blend of yoga and Pilates. Yoga is an age old tradition that originates from eastern India. It is said that the tradition dates way back to about 3000 B.C. It is an important tradition that emphasizes on uniting the body with the soul. Some of the principles that yoga embodies include disciplining one’s thoughts, and focusing on the task at hand. Also, yoga helps improve one’s flexibility.

Pilates on the other hand are a rather recent invention, having been invented in 1920. This series of exercises that focus on strengthening the core muscles was created by Joseph Pilates, who was born in Germany. Like yoga, these exercises have a spiritual dimension to them. And like yoga, they also focus on flexibility, attaining certain postures and breathing correctly.

In 1997, Jonathan Urla, a gym instructor, noticed the similarities between these two practices. He sought to merge them in to one, and thus Yogalates was born. Years later, Louise Solomon, a gym enthusiast, also trademarked her own version of Yogalates. Louise got injured when practicing yoga, so she turned to Pilates to help increase her strength and endurance. However, with time, she wanted to go back to yoga. She too sought to merge the two routines, and shared her version of Yogalates widely. It was only a matter of time before the routine became popular.

What are the benefits of Yogalates?

1. Weight Loss
Yogalates can go a long way in helping you lose weight. Some may argue that they are not high impact exercises; hence they cannot contribute substantially to loss of weight. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is true that these are not high impact exercises, they can greatly aid in weight loss. For one thing, the number of calories that you burn when carrying out the exercises, especially the Pilates, should not be underestimated. Secondly, when practicing Yogalates, you get to decide the intensity of the exercises that you deem appropriate for your body. The exercises range from mild to rigorous. When you are carrying out the rigorous exercises, you can burn an astounding number of calories.

You can also use Yogalates for weight loss by coupling it with dieting. The combined effect of these two weight loss efforts can be amazing. When you reduce your calorie intake by watching what you eat, while at the same time burning more calories through Yogalates, it will only a matter of time before you start seeing changes in your weight.

2. Toned Muscles
Another benefit that comes with practicing Yogalates is that it tones your body. Did you know that it is possible to lose weight and still stay out of shape? That is why dieting is not enough when you want to lose weight and achieve certain body goals. Yogalates can help you tone your muscles, especially through the stretching of the core muscles. The postures and poses also help strengthen and build your muscles a great deal.

3. Flexibility
Yogalates is synonymous with flexibility. When practicing it, you get to stretch and use all of your joints, even those that you usually don’t use much. You also need to attain certain postures and shapes, which stretch your body all the more. This goes a long way in increasing your flexibility.

4. Detoxification
Some may doubt that a relationship exists between Yogalates and detoxification, but it actually does. Yogalates do help in detoxification by improving the circulation of blood in your whole body. This then makes it possible for toxins that may have accumulated in your body to be flushed from your system.

Yogalates is a potent exercise that you should consider including in your routine. There are so many benefits that you can gain by carrying it out. Not only can you use Yogalates for weight loss, but you can also become more flexible and have a toned body. The next time you have a work out session, be sure to try it.

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