How to Choose Engine Driven Welders

Along with the development of business, the tools and equipment must be provided more and more to support it. If your business is around metal industry, it means that welder machine is one of them to have. However, it is actually not something easy to choose the best engine driven welders. There are so many brands provided out there for sure. However, it is not Smartphone that anybody must have it. Therefore, looking for the reviews of welder machine product is quite difficult. But you must not worry, there are still many people who are expert in this field, including when you read this article. Well, there are some considerations to pick the welder machine out. Here they are.

What is your business about?

Before buying the welder machine, you must know well the business that you want to run. There are some jobs with heavy job desks like cutting metals with width for more than 10 mm. If you are one of them, it seems that welder machine of Mig350A or above is the right choice. However, when your business deals with metals with width less than that; it is around 5 mm; you can choose a kind of welder machine of Mig250 or below. The production capacity must also be considered more. If the capacity of industry applied is relatively low, it doesn’t matter to pick a welder machine that is run manually. However, if your business is with high capacity, the automatic machine is more recommended. Yes, it is because you must not be able to do all the works manually at the short period of time.

How is the electricity power installed?

It is important to know that welder machine commonly needs much bigger power compared to other electronic devices. It is reasonable of course. It is by remembering that this machine is used for industry not personal necessities. Based on that fact, make sure that your power is ready for that. Besides, you also need to take a look at the power typed on the welder machine. If you cannot find it, you must ask it to the seller, how much power needed is. This is a really common mistake actually. Many people just buy the machine and it becomes useless since the power has been installed is inappropriate.

Other Specifications

An ideal welder machine has dutycycle up to 100%. Unfortunately, the dutycycle is quite difficult to find recently. If there is, the price is quite example. But if you have money, it is better to choose this one. The general dutycycle of welder nowadays is from 30% to 60%. Besides, you must also consider the after sales from both the factory and seller. The guarantee of service is also necessary to find to avoid the bad things to be happened later. It is suggested to you to buy more than one welder machine. Why? There is still a possibility that one of them is probably damaged and it needs service. If it is happened, another one can still be used so that your business doesn’t need to stop.


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