How Magma Overcomes Common Translation Challenges

Magma Translation understands the challenges that come with translation. Not only does it demand such a deep understanding of both grammar and structure of the language in question, it also demands a deep understanding on the culture as well.

A translator must first and foremost master the language, but at the end of the day they must also remember that a language is not only built upon structure and strict rules. The culture and habits of those who speak the language also play such an integral part in the equation. To omit both of these aspects, whether unintentionally or not, will significantly change its meaning.

It is likened to knowing the underlying difference between the word “frustration” and “confusion,” while seemingly interchangeable, they are not synonymous. And even the most experienced professional translators find themselves in the murky situation such as this time and time again.

The structure of the language is one of the most common challenges that non-native speakers have to face. In English, for instance. The basic structure always calls for a subject, a verb, and followed by an object; but not every language follows the same structure and identical order. The singularity and the complexity of this is the testament of how difficult it is to translate a document perfectly.

But what if your business brings you to a point where you need to at least understand a clause or a document? In the world where we operate without borders, business expansion is not only expected, but also actively pursued by many. But of course, this does not come without its own challenges.

Take Portuguese, for instance. Being a neo-roman language, this language is not only beautiful, but also incredibly fickle to deal with. The language is so rich with expressions and culture, it would be a shame to reduce it to something so simple. But perhaps simplicity is not what we are after, rather, it is accuracy we are aiming for. And this is, more often than not, exactly where the problem arises.

A colleague of yours may speak the language after spending the summer in one of the Portuguese-speaking countries. However, despite distinctly understanding what most of the documents are about, their language skill is still beneath acceptable for corporate or formal uses. Is there a solution to this?

Hiring a professional translator who master the language and that it entails is, undoubtedly, the best bet to overcome this hurdle in your business dealings. And that is exactly what Magma Translation service is for. Having been in the translation industry for such a long time, the company sure knows what it takes to deliver the best possible service with a perfect translation with a quality that is second to none.

The leading translation service company specializes in translation and localization, eaning there is no room for doubt because they do not only master the grammar and structure of the language, but also the culture and expression that each of the local’s use. With their best technology and professional translators, you know that your large-scale business projects are in good hands.


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