Gaming Headsets Under 50 $ - Top 3

Lacking a good pair of headsets is the same as saying that you have everything ready to live the video game experience to half its possibilities.

Not good! It is with the correct headsets that you can really get into and feel the experience on another level that otherwise you could not live with such intensity.


Oh yes, am just talking about headsets here! These should provide you comfort, must be reliable practical and fit your budget. Certainly, marketing is designed to makes us believe that if the headsets we selected are not above 500USD range then we did not make the correct purchase.

The truth is that I have a video game log much wider than my bank account and I have managed to enjoy many hours connected with a headset that did not ruin my credit history.

In this article I share the top 3 gaming headsets that I have had in my power.

HyperX Cloud Stinger / 49.99 $

The 3 must have (in my opinion) are present in these headsets: great and sturdy design, large ear cups and good price.


It is one of the most comfortable I have owned.

- Compatible Platform (s) iOS, Android, Handheld, Mac, Windows
- Style Over the ear
- Earpiece Type Stereo
- Sound Mode Stereo


What I like:
• One ear audio control is an intuitive slider
• Great mic usage
• No need of an USB pass-through
• Solid structure
• Soft Padding

• At higher rates the audio can get a little blown out

Sades A60 / 79.99 $

The impression generated by this pair of headsets is that they are of a very solid construction.


It shines at various points when it is being used and its pads are of a high quality material.

I remember using this headset in video games that required more than two hours of interaction without discomfort.


- Loudhailer diameter: 50mm (NdFeB)
- Sensitivity: 113dB +/- 3 dB at 1 kHz
- Distortion: smaller than 2% THD
- Cable length: Approx.2.2m

What I like:
• Pads are comfortable
• Enhanced speakers
• Stainless steel extendable arms
• Durable braided cable
• High quality microphone
• Noise canceling


• Only comes with USB plug
• On-wire audio controls might feel a little cheap

Logitech G430 / 49 $

Logitech is a recognized brand that has a space already won in the world of headsets.


With this headset you can reach high levels of volumes without experiencing distortion of any kind.

It has a solid construction and can be used comfortably for long periods of time.


- Over-the-ear design
- 40mm neodymium speakers
- Removable high-sensitivity microphone
- 3.5 mm connector

What I like:
• Long wire length
• Stiff padding
• Included USB pass through dongle
• Multiple customization options


• Mic can feel flimsy

Personal Thoughts

One more point I’d like to share with you.

The level of clarity and power in the sound reached by these headsets today can become harmful to your ears if used with very high volume levels for long periods of time.


What usually happens is that our hearing capacity is altered because we have the ear surrounded by the cushion of the headsets so I recommend you never go beyond 30% or 40% of the capacity of the headset you are using.

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